What is the quickest, open-source PHP social media framework that will help me obtain a working prototype in four hrs? I am searching at something which are designed for profiles, where each profile could make multiple posts, and every publish could be ranked through the community? I am searching at BuddyPress with Wordpress MU? Is achievable, or must i opt for CakePHP or CodeIgniter? What are the plug ins available that you could recommend? Thanks for the feedback.

cakephp or elgg.

Not in PHP, but when you'll need by using such short deadline you can aquire a social media site ready free of charge with Django and Pinax (Python).

I believe if you're searching at developing a website with your a strict deadline, you would be best trying to utilize a pre-built Content management systems for example Joomla, Drupal, or a number of others available which are PHP. Most (if not completely) are free meaning that you can do development by yourself to grow or customize the functionality.

I've checked out both, BuddyPress appears to possess more out of the box plug ins because it is in it's self a wordpress plugin of wordpress. buddypress appears just a little eaiser to build up when ever it involves db than elgg.

Take a look at Elgg – it appears to become exactly what you would like.