I wish to produce a wordpress plugin for wordpress to instantly serve pages that contains data drawn from the provider's API.

The API returns a number of records that contains data for your record and that i only desire to possess the wordpress plugin intercept the request, call the API with parameters drawn in the request URI and display the information utilizing a template will be able to either allow them to upload towards the server or allow them to copy in to the plug ins admin configurations.

For instance, I might have to have one of my wordpress installations to exhibit items drawn from this kind of API underneath the url "example.com/items". The wordpress plugin would catch that request, extract the variables in the URL, call the API and render web site using the came back results.

Let me avoid needing editing the .htaccess file like some caching plug ins do. A few of the admins of those pages will not understand how to do this or just will not have the .htaccess file.


What provider are you currently mentioning too? There may be a wordpress plugin, or you will find plug ins which will give code good examples regarding how to use your API: WordPress › WordPress Plugins