I'm creating a site that's examined only in Opera and IE. Now I have to result in the site accessible from mobile also.

So I have to know whether I have to calculate time required to change the website. Is produced like a new application or even the same application is modified?

When being able to access stackoverflow.com from the mobile the look is entire transformed. How's this done? Could it be another application?


Whether you have to produce a new application for mobile is dependent on the website you've. The web site inside my place of work couldn't possibly fit on the cell phone screen (a lot of frames), but other sites which have a far more adjustment-friendly layout could need some tweak.

I'd test out your site on the mobile browser emulator, you will find a lot of them for auction on this site.

Also, you may consider varying your firefox's user agent (here) so that you can browse popular site's mobile versions, together with the origin they accustomed to lay it.

Usually different CSS templates selected using UA string matching. My phone includes a fairly fully enabled internet browser onto it, and so i obtain the whole of stackoverflow exactly the same.

Some phone browser could also "mobile optimise" design, or perhaps in the situation of opera small, it will it on opera's proxy server after which transmits modified data towards the phone.

Javascript support is much more of the problem, expect so that it is minimal generally, even though it is improving.