I'm focusing on a PHP script that instantly shows a picture according to certain elements (which don't matter with regard to the question since that part works perfectly fine.) From the browsers I've examined it in, the pictures are properly shown on Google Chrome, Ie, and Safari. However, they don't show up on Opera or Opera. In Opera, there is nothing displayed as well as in Opera the road from the image is http://server/folder/%5Cimages%5C40.jpg that ought to be http://server/folder/images/40.jpg. The code accustomed to create the URL is the following:

 echo "<div class='jumih3'>" . $row['fname'] . " " . $row['lname'] . "</div>";
 $image = JURI::root() . "\/images\/" . $row['id'] . ".jpg";
 $imagetest = JPATH_ROOT . "\/images\/" . $row['id'] . ".jpg";
 if (file_exists($imagetest))
 echo "<br /><img src='" . $image . "'width='100' height='100' /><br />";

This really is a part of a Joomla site and also the JURI:root() and JPATH_ROOT provide absolute locations from the server. The way in which Opera parses the URL I am suspicious of something is wrong with generate an income am getting away the slashes. However, after i attempted using / rather than / the pictures didn't come in any browser.

EDIT: As you can tell from Zannjaminderson's answer, the problem's fixed inside a facepalm type of way.

Call us a noob if you want, however i notice you are testing file_is available($imagetest) after which using $image because the source for the image...should not you be utilising the main one you examined for/testing for that one you are using?

you don't have to escape slashes. if you use / what type of address will it produce for every image? what platform?