I am presently using a team during my College to construct a brand new webapp. Nothing too fancy, just ordinary MySQL + Django. We're also wishing to make use of Git for source control. I was wondering what hosting options were open to us. We are all very competent with Unix, so a ssh connection could be more suitable. We investigated the Amazon . com Cloud, but aren't confident that you heard right for all of us. Exactly what does Stackoverflow suggest for any provider to host both a Git repo for all of us and our webapp. The more, the greater. It will also operate a Linux atmosphere.

I've had positive results while using Rackspace Cloud servers. You receive root SSH in to the server, to help you setup your Git repo as well as your web application there. They've plenty of choices that flavor of Linux you need to use too.

I am doing Django/Postgres with an Ubuntu server and haven't had any problems whatsoever. Like a bonus, it offers super easy web and API integration using their CDN if you are interested for the reason that.

I investigated a number of cloud companies and RS had the very best choices for me, although CDN integration would be a large deal for my website to ensure that factor considered heavier of computer might for you personally.

I personally use the cheapo 256MB RAM/10GB HD install and pay around ~$12/month after bandwidth pricing is figured in it.

Here's the prices: http://world wide web.rackspace.com/cloud/cloud_hosting_items/servers/prices/

I'd recommend sourcerepo.com for git and redmine hosting. $6.95 monthly for limitless projects including redmine instances with git hooks. You don't have to be worried about establishing or maintaining the git repos or redmine instances yourself.

Then for the project's public hosting derive linode.com for $19.95 monthly.

Why don't you AWS? It features a free tier that's in a position to run fundamental Django applications well. You are able to run it utilizing a Django AMI directly or perhaps a service like BitNami Cloud Hosting (Disclaimer: I'm a BitNami developer, I'm really responsible for most of the Python-based stacks). Both options permit you to operate a micro demonstration of an Amazon . com Machine free of charge (680Mb Ram, 10Gb disk).

On BitNami Cloud Hosting, we lately added support for Python and Django (Python 2.6.5 and Django 1.3) and that we already incorporated Git. Whenever you choose to produce a new server you'll have use of all individuals components on the top of Ubuntu 10.04.

And if you are looking at using Redmine (as dgel indicates) you are able to choose to set up it whenever you make your server within the same machine. As it is an college project, you may even be thinking about hosting the Git part on github.com free of charge.