I've got a java application running on Weblogic on the Linux box. The applyingOrweblogic are run as root. I check this out like a security risk. I wish to produce a devoted user to operate the applying.

To get this done I've:

  1. Produced a brand new devoted DNRS/Weblogic user known as 'wluser'.
  2. Granted use of my application to simply the devoted user wluser.

The applying is located on Apache. To operate the applying, When i first start apache, then weblogic.

After I attempted to operate apache, it complained 'Permission refused: make_sock: couldn't bind to port 446'.

It appears apache must be began as root. But when I transformed who owns apache to root, I'll have the ability to run the applying as root. Precisely what I'm not going..

Anybody any ideas?

I am fairly certain a credit card applicatoin needs to get permission to utilize a port below 1024.

Read this question on ServerFault: Regular User socket permissions