found a interesting problem throughout testing our web application.

I've application on localhost (Home windows) an internet-based testing server (Linux). Both of them are attached to same DB (on Linux server). After I attempted to edit one text area through form in application situated on Linux server it crop diacritics from result and save it to DB without them. However when I attempted exactly the same action, with similar code on locahost (Home windows) it save whole text with diacritics right when i authored it.

I have attempted to check on PHP configuration, however i have identical configuration on machines.

Does anybody know where should I must turn to determine what problem should cause that ?

Seems like a number of from the character configurations around the MySql instance in your Home windows machine isn't set to UTF8, try performing this question:

show variables like '%character%'

Your output would be the character_encoding related server variables, performing that on my small database results:

character_set_client        utf8
character_set_connection    utf8
character_set_database    utf8
character_set_filesystem    binary
character_set_results      utf8
character_set_server        utf8
character_set_system        utf8
character_sets_dir        /usr/share/mysql/charsets/

My best guess is that certain or even more of individuals is placed to latin1

Also, you might like to look into the collation, i.e. execute this

show variables like '%collation%'

And you'll go like:

collation_connection    utf8_general_ci
collation_database    utf8_general_ci
collation_server        utf8_general_ci

Do both servers serve the page within the same encoding?

In opera, go to the page, right click and 'View page info'. There will be an entry for Encoding. Of these to transfer properly you will need UTF-8 or similar encoding.

Next, look at your database setup. You will need to set the MySQL link with use UTF8, as well as your tables and posts ought to be set to utf8 too.

You are able to set the mysql connection character set by giving the next query after hooking up:

SET NAMES 'utf8'

Found an issue of utilizing one filter ont that area which functions in a different way on different system.