While having fun with php and comprehending the difference b/w exactly what the tags I screwed in the pathways if you don't take a backup httpd.config file.

I've update the files situated at C:xamppapacheconfhttpd.config file.

I have no idea how do i can revert to defaults since i have want have fun with phpAdmin along with other stuff that we managed use before change of pathways .

all I would like is keep my web project on D: drive as virtaully folder. how do i do this ?? help. stuck.

ServerRoot "C:\xampp\apache"
DocumentRoot "D:\workspace"
<Directory "D:\workspace\AutionWebSite">
  • ServerRoot = road to the webserver executable/dir
  • DocumentRoot = road to your files which are shipped through the server
  • The <Directory> directive can be used to configure configurations for any specific directory. However, the <Directory> command inside your real question is not complete.

The default values for DocumentRoot and Directory for XAMPP is "C:xampphtdocs"