I've got a Default Site and the other web application (let us refer to it as Application2) within the Default Site in IIS7.

I've 2 registered domains, let us say world wide web.example.com and world wide web.example.internet.

I must configure stuff that after i open world wide web.example.com I recieve Default Site, after i open world wide web.example.internet I recieve Default SiteOrApplication2.

world wide web.example.com -> Default Site

world wide web.example.internet -> Default SiteOrApplication2

How do i do this?

First you have to determine if your likely to use Title Based or IP Based hosting.

IP-Based uses unique ip's to find out which virtual host it'll serve and Title Based will really make use of the host header that is sent because of your client browser.

So let's wait and watch two situations:

Scenario Number One (ONE IP To Talk About)

You've got a server with just one IP, might be either public use or private as lengthy because the domain names you're serving are correctly set up within the dns serving you internally or your client externally (NAT).

I would recommend that with regard to this tutorial you stop the default website. Ok.

You'll setup one site in II7 and title it accordingly. Visit the right hands side from the manager and search for "Bindings" under actions menu ensuring you will find the new site selected in your left pane. Now under "Site Bindings" choose the ip you'll be discussing between your sites (title based hosting). Under "Hostname" enter domain Number One "world wide web.example.com", hit ok.

Stick to the same procedure above using the other domain or domain names, ensuring they've diferent hostnames and same ip's.

There you have it. You'll now have the ability to start individuals sites and run them simultaneously.

Exactly the same principle above is applicable in case your while using "Default Site". "Default Site" is simply a title MS gave the default produced one.

Scenario Number Two (MULTIPLE IP To Talk About)

For those who have either some public use or private ip to spare, or at best before you do the exercise the only real diference here's that sites you'll setup and do not have to specify the "Hostname" per each site, because this is essentially completed in the DNS zones itself. The websites will respond for just about any request designed to individuals ip's on port 80 regardless.

When will you should utilize multiple Ip's for everyone websites. Well everything is dependent.

Some reasons are: Network Isolation (Security), Programs which aren't effective well under title based hosting, SSL Certificates Bindings 443(PRE II7), and mostly complete treatments for site. You will find obviously more reasons, but I'll let others write a little also.

Have some fun.

Edit... upon further analysis I discovered that if you're able to setup multiple sites and run them concurrently. Simply need to stop and begin the websites after setting the host values to encourage them to both run simultaneously.

Original publish:

The straight-forward method of doing this is to include another application by opening IIS and right-clicking Sites then choose Add Site. Inside you are able to specify the physical path of Application2 as well as set the "host" to "world wide web.example.internet" that will filter all individuals demands for your second site. Any demands that do not match "world wide web.example.internet" will still visit the default site.

That approach works fine on Home windows Server using IIS, but on Vista's IIS7 it will not work because you are only able to have one site running at any given time. To begin the 2nd site, you'd first need to stop Default Site.