I'm using Joomla v1.7 and also the mod_mainmenu has become mod_menu (I believe, because there's no mod_mainmenu within the modules folder). During my site I've two menus like the majority of sites, one out of the header and the other one out of the footer. The header menu is much more complex with drop downs, as the footer menu simply has four links. I'm along the way of overriding the mod_menu template for that header menu but that will also render exactly the same overridden html for footer menu.

How do you make two separate overrides for 2 separate menus. Within the footer I believed of hardcoding anchor tags, but that will allow it to be hard for my client to include or remove links in the footer. How do you do that? Is it feasible?


I appreciate the assistance.

This is simple to achieve in J1.7. You just make use of a module alternative layout. These work much like a template override. Normally for any template override you'd create this file -

templates/template title/html/module title/default.php

To create an alternate layout, you just title it another thing -

templates/template title/html/module title/footermenu.php

Just make certain the file title doesn't contain any underscores. After you have setup this file, it'll come in the module Advanced Options under alternative Layout. Just choose the main one you need to use.