I've built a Twitter client measuring only one page: index.html. When getting used, it allures content from JSON feeds to populate various posts. The problem is almost no visitors are arriving from Google aside from searches around the site's domain title. The reason being Google only crawls index.html when it is blank and prior to the user makes its way into any Twitter username to become researched.

How do i possess the Google spider, when trying to crawl index.html crawl rather than just index.html (or additionally) also say index.html#CNN (ie site.com/#CNN) or index.html#whitehouse whereby all content from all of these pages may also be indexed and therefore be around to customers looking for the terms therein.

I do not think Google is ever going to have an fragment (#) in the index. You need to offer an alternate URL, like site.com/CNN

  • Make use of a site map as one example of the variety of Google.
  • Embed hidden links to ensure that Google knows to appear there?
  • Make use of a separate page to list out some "good examples". Might be a hybrid for the customers plus Google...