I've got a fundamental web page that references four image files while using following code:

<img src="/images/SanFran.digital" title="urbanForm" alt="urbanFormA" width="150" height="100"/>

(I change SanFran.digital, to London.digital, NewYork.digital and Barcelona.digital - just changing the filename)

However, even though 4 jpegs are extremely similar (200 x 150 pixels) making utilizing a similar technique (popping a picture in Picassa), only among the files will load (London.digital). Another three produce a damaged link message. I've checked that i'm don't have misspellings numerous occasions, and can't discover the problem.

Can there be something that I haven't considered?

(I am using Aptana Studio on OSX and viewing it using Safari like a previewer exactly the same problem is available basically view it using Opera or Chrome)

Knowing the files exist, make certain the situation from the filename matches (s differs from S on Linux), after which make certain .digital may be the proper extension and never .jpeg.

Are the pictures within the same directory?

Make all of the file names lowercase, so you will know is not the problem.

make sure extensions, "digital or jpeg or Digital or JPEG"

go to fundamentals <img src="images/filename.digital" />

It may be since your Jpegs are saved as CMYK instead of RGB. Check this out link for additional detail. However this could only affect some browsers

http://world wide web.plaveb.com/blog/cmyk-images-not-displayed-in-internet-explorer

  1. Try naming among the others SanFran.digital. See what goes on. Might provide you with a clue.

  2. Open all of them in home windows explorer, read the images themselves load normally and aren't corrupt.

  3. Check each one is in /images/

  4. right click the damaged link and choose view image or copy image location. Find out if where it's trying to gain access to is certainly the best place.

  5. Perform the same goes with the significant one. Compare and find out if any variations.

  6. change everything to lowercase, just just in case (excuse pun)

  7. hit control+change+reload a couple of occasions, and F5 a couple of occasions.

  8. obvious cache by hand knowing how or possess the tools.

  9. Copy it to another loacation and try loading them there. Ideally a different computer.

  10. Upload it somewhere and find out whether it works inside your browser when online

Hopefully among individuals might help...

Open the pictures in Illustrator and resave in RGB color format (just incase it's CMYK). Known problem in certain legacy browsers, unsure when or maybe it disappeared.