My webhost doesn't offer an interface that i can see which folders are consuming probably the most quantity of space what exactly I am searching for is one thing which will show me how big each folder inside my primary folder recursively, I'm not sure of anything on the web, and did a couple of searches however emerged without any results. This can be a Light server having a CGI-Bin so nearly all PHP script should work or something that works within the CGI-Bin.

Something applying graphs (GD/ImageMagick) might be best although not needed.
It seems that my host supports Perl only within the CGI-BIN, but I will call and verify that.

Strange, I emerged on the internet with many relevant results and that one is most likely probably the most complete.

The function "getDirectorySize" will ignore link/shorcuts to files/directory. The function "sizeFormat" will suffix the dimensions with bytes,KB,Megabytes or GB accordingly.


function getDirectorySize($path)

amplifier&lifier $file != '..' &lifier&lifier !is_link ($nextpath))


        elseif (is_file ($nextpath))





  closedir ($handle)

  $total['size'] = $totalsize

  $total['count'] = $totalcount

  $total['dircount'] = $dircount

  return $total

function sizeFormat($size)

    else if($size<(1024*1024))


    else if($size<(1024*1024*1024))








echo "<h4>Details for that path : $path</h4>"

echo "Total size : ".sizeFormat($ar['size'])."<br>"

echo "No. of files : ".$ar['count']."<br>"

echo "No. of sites : ".$ar['dircount']."<br>"


Particulars for that path : /httpd/html/pradeep/

Total size : 2.9 Megabytes

No. of files : 196

No. of sites : 20

For those who have spend access you are able to run the command

$ du -h

or possibly make use of this, if PHP is set up to permit execution:

<?php $d = escapeshellcmd(dirname(__FILE__)) echo nl2br(`du -h $d`) ?>