i'm an Apache Illiterate person, and that i need quite simple password protection for any directory utilizing a .htaccess file. quite simple one. i additionally question how lessons simply informs me "place the .htpasswd file within the path.." i attempted to produce a .htpasswd file but unsuccessful to achieve that. if a person volunteers to assist please bear in mind i personally use win server 2008 and please take into account that my experience of Apache is nearly zero.

Make use of this to create your htpasswd file: http://www.htaccesstools.com/htpasswd-generator/

You need to get a hash back from might just place that inside your htpasswd file. I very highly recommend that you don't place your htpasswd file inside your document root. It might allow it to be accessible via apache.

Edit for clarification:

For instance, your apache webserver serves ezinearticles: C:\www\htdocs, and you need to safeguard ezinearticles with account information: C:\www\htdocs\secure. You create this .htaccess file and set it inside your C:\www\htdocs\secure directory:

AuthType BASIC
# You can choose whatever name you want here
AuthName "Protected"
AuthUserFile C:\www\htpasswd
Require valid-user

The thing is the C:\www\htpasswd? You have to create that file. Visit that htpasswd-generator link above. Enter a username, enter your password, click "Create .htpasswd file", the page provides you with a text area together with your username and a lot of gibberish. Copy that whole factor and make the file C:\www\htpasswd and paste that in to the file.

There you have it.

Unsure just how much simpler it may get.