I am going to switch from manual programming to presenting a Content management systems such as the above ones. So my problem is, which may be the "best"...I understand, the question that is best ist just summary, but you may can provide me objective causes of your oppinion.

Maybe I have to tell something concerning the projects I am going to understand in individuals Content management systems: 1 Personal home page Several pages for more compact companies and clubs...

Can there be some reason to make use of one rather than another? Which could be modified (also in term from the look) easily? Which offers better support?

I heard that typo3 is extremely effective, but exactly how large is effort for learning it? Which is much more professional?

Edit: Maybe there's yet another criteria for that "selected one"...A minumum of one of individuals pages will be edited by a number of customers, and so i require a possibility for giving everybody who must write a several "area" within he is able to make changes on the website...

This can be a hard question to reply to. I'll do not be biased.

I never mind of Typo3. Have no knowledge about this.

WordPress - fantastic for blogging and/or personal site. I had been really impressed when tried on the extender, very AJAXy, looks sharp, intuitive interface. It appeared too limited for stretching, integrating business solutions and designing the way in which I needed. Not development friendly! It is really an choice to consider if you wish to create a small site with little functionality.

Drupal and Joomla are the options if you wish to achieve highly professional look and also to construct it into some thing. Club websites, you may create large towns (much like Facebook), send news letters, have compensated monthly subscriptions, online retailers, forums, etc...

Drupal - excellent, won't fail. I have no development knowledge about it. If a person has please add...

Joomla - Sometimes with Joomla for quite some time, in my experience it's the best because I will get things done fast and right. Has lots of free components/modules/plug-inches, when you utilize it you'll have your favourites. Simple to extend and make complex websites and easy once with static pages. All the the items I pointed out above (towns, stores, forums, ...) you are able to implement in Joomla per day approximately (understanding the right components).

In Joomla front-finish and back-finish are separate, at the spine-finish you create you site as well as in front-finish is what you'll get. We have spent with Joomla for very long time it grew to become greater than a Content management systems in my experience, it grew to become a platform for most of my projects.

Both Drupal and Joomla are exceptional options, it like Coke and Pepsi. It can be you to definitely decide. Here's a fascinating study including Drupal and Joomla.

Alongside comparison:

Like a Joomla person, I approve everything that's stated about Joomla -) within the comparison above.

Her are a few things to check out: