I am while using Lightbox 2.9.2 (Rupert Morris, according to ) on my small Wordpress blog (designink.nl) and employ the car-lightbox setting (allows the wordpress plugin add html to image links). However, let me prevent a particular image on the publish to become known as by lightbox. It is possible to code to interruptOravoid this on individual instance and never change my automatic-setting?

get into lightbox2.php, and alter the next function:

function autoexpand_rel_wlightbox ($content) {
    global $post;
    if (strpos($content,"<!-- nolightbox -->") == 0) {
        $pattern        = "/(<a(?![^>]*?rel=['\"]lightbox.*)[^>]*?href=['\"][^'\"]+?\.(?:bmp|gif|jpg|jpeg|png)['\"][^\>]*)>/i";
        $replacement    = '$1 rel="lightbox['.$post->ID.']">';
        $content = preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $content);
        return $content;
    } else {
        return $content;

Added - searches for and when it sees it, keeps all links around the page as original :)

I've not had an opportunity to do this out, but you could attempt printing this little bit of jQuery within the header of the website:

var no_light_box = jQuery("img[src$='THE_IMAGE_PATH']"); //Specify your image
jQuery(no_light_box).attr({ rel: "" }); //Reset the rel value

Basically you are going to obtain the image path from the image you don't want to possess lamp after which totally reset it's rel attribute from lightbox[26] (this appears standard for the reason that wordpress plugin to nothing, so it won't initiate a lightbox when clicked on.

It might most likely be simpler and much more workable should you implemented your personal lightbox code.