I'm creating a simple Joomla module for that after sales, and i'm attempting to keep it simple. I have to create some type of popup box, either having a javascript popup window or perhaps a modal box. I would like some fundamental content within the popup, with Joomla's user validation, but with no Joomla template being displayed. Having a component, I possibly could write a url such as this:


This url would only show the component's content, while still ensuring the consumer is drenched in. I'm wondering if there's any method of doing this for any module. Here are a few options:

  1. Write a url which will output just the module's contents, and disable the Joomla template.
  2. Presently, a modal box uses an iframe to incorporate another page within it. Can there be in whatever way to exchange the iframe with content?
  3. Produce a file around the server that's asked for directly, and give a user validation check at the very top. Can there be any single Joomla file which i could bring that would make certain the user is drenched in?
  4. If everything else fails, I'm able to use die(); to skip writing web site.

I'm using Joomla 1.5

First, Joomla includes a built-in modal box which will display content in both an iFrame or perhaps a div. The only real needed element is adding the course "modal" towards the link. You may also pass several parameters to manage the lightbox, you'll find documentation on individuals here -


Next, automatically, you can't display only the content of the module position. The tmpl=component parameter informs joomla to simply load the component part of the site, disregarding all the module positions, so that your module wouldn't show on the page. You'd either have to load the module directly into articles using or find another method to place the content to the component part of the site.

It might be useful to possess links towards the actual site and also the content you would like inside a lightbox, this may be a really quite simple procedure, we do all of it time for a variety of content.