I'm writing a credit card applicatoin by which I'm uploading personal files using HTTP protocol to some server. Things are working fine and I can upload the file, I have tried personally Apache HTTP client jar set to do this. Within the application I have tried personally log4j logging framework that has been set to DEBUG level, automatically Apache HTTP Client has additionally acquired exactly the same logging framework with same logging level which is creating a lot of logs. Can anybody guide me the way i can one disable logging of apache Http client?

I'm setting up log4j with the aid of an XML file title log4j.xml.

Presuming you're using httpclient 4, does not adding something similar to this for your log4j.xml work:

<logger name="org.apache.http">
  <level value="warn"/> 

I you do not have a log4j.xml create one also it for your classpath.

If you are using httpclient 3 then you will need to use something similar to:

<logger name="org.apache.commons.httpclient">
  <level value="warn"/> 

During these good examples I have set the amount to warn, you may made a decision to use none, but no less than error could be sensible.

You are able to adjust logging level per package. Here's example from http://wiki.apache.org/logging-log4j/Log4jXmlFormat:

<logger name="com.eatmutton.muttonsite.torque" additivity="false">
   <level value="info" />
   <appender-ref ref="local-torque" />

So, even when your default level is "debug", for classes of com.eatmutton.muttonsite.torque package (and nested packages) the amount could be "info" So, you have to discover package that HTTP client classes belong and add such record for your config.