I wish to configure Apache Web Server to satisfy the next requirement:

  • Access server1 while it's working.
  • Access server2 only if server1 doesn't respond. When server1 responds, access server1 again.

To do this, i attempted setting up Apache Web Server (2.2) using mod_proxy_balancer. My issue is that session stickyness appears to become enabled automatically. When server1 isn't reacting, the balancer redirects to server2, however when server1 rebounds, the balancer doesn't access server1 until i obvious periods during my browser.

My balancer configuration:

ProxyPass /test balancer://mycluster
<Proxy balancer://mycluster>
    BalancerMember server1-url retry=10 loadfactor=100
    BalancerMember server2-url status=+H retry=10

Can there be any choice to disable stickyness?

Thanks ahead of time.