I there

i've this domain.com ponted to /home/username/public_html/domain.com

I added this lines towards the .htaccess

ErrorDocument 500 /oohps.php
ErrorDocument 404 /where.php

In order to show some styled template

However , when attempting to acces a non existing page, i recieve and aditional internal server error which means this files aren't opened up,

I needed to check on for that logs however i canot discover the error log for the reason that path (/home/username/public_html/domain.com) ,

found one out of: /var/log/httpd

however i don't believe it is the right folder because you will find many errors not associated with this site and that i did not use whatever involved,

It is possible to php function that will output the errors log file path?

I'm not conscious of such function but maybe phpinfo(); may have some information on that?

Log pathways are defined inside apache site's configuration file, if you prefer a custom road to it otherwise automatically all of the logs are loaded into /var/log/apache2/*.log, so php do not have anything related to it

An interior server error has frequently something related to Apache and /var/log/httpd/ may be the error log file of apache, and so i think you're in the best file.

The mistake path is occur php.ini. To obtain the path use [cde]:


Look for <?php $errorPath = ini_get('error_log'); ?> establishing error_log (or perhaps in php.ini)