The issue that i'm getting has related to the necessity to keep some web addresses of the website protected by https and also the relaxation started to http.

Normally, you've $_SERVER['HTTP_HTTPS'] or $_SERVER['HTTPS'] (based on your flavor of Apache). Additionally you can look into the port - it's 80 for normal traffic and 443 for https.

My problem would be that the certificate sits around the loadbalancer, and all sorts of these variables are not available, and also the webserver sees http://world wide on port 80. One method to fix this really is to inform the loadbalancer to transmit the traffic on the different port, however i question if you will find different ways to identify https from the load balancer...

When the load balancer may be the other finish from the SSL connection, you can't have any more information compared to load balancer clearly provides. I'd choose adding a http header, it might be doing that, dump all of the HTTP headers and appear.

As the second solution, that you can do the redirection around the load balancer according to URL.