I'm presently using Magento version 1.4... For various clients, after i install this same version of Magento, I recieve different quantity of tables in database of each one of the clients.

I believe the standard final amount of tables is 267, but this conjecture might be incorrect. Please correct my statement or mention, concerning the default quantity of database tables which should get installed for Magento CE version 1.4...

However, sometimes I recieve 258 quantity of tables, sometimes 260 &lifier sometimes 265. It is an excellent discomfort position for me, understanding concerning the correct quantity of database tables that ought to get installed automatically. Can somebody please let me know why this really is happening for Magento CE version 1.4..?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I frequently discover the Bundle Items related tables or even the tables having a suffix of "_idx" missing a significant occasions.
If Magento database structure of the amount of tables rely on the catalog usage (say of Bundle / Configurable / Arranged), then it will likely be greatly error-vulnerable to every administrator &lifier is going to be making more ambiguities for them, for setting up / creating the catalog items.

Magento produces temporary tables for several reasons, including re-indexing actions and just how your internet site is set up (e.g. flat catalog, etc). Are you able to become more specific about which "extra" tables you're seeing? They are apt to be either temporary tables or caching/index tables.

Thanks, Joe