I installed Apache with WAMP. I wish to make my computer like a server for my web site for have try my site.However I can`t open my server in Internet. I can tell it in http://localhost/mysite/index.html however when I attempt to achieve it in another computer like http://myserverip/mysite/index.html it states server not reacting. I'm using wireless router as well as submitted to my LAN ip.

A couple of ideas:

  • make sure that apache is certain to your PC's internal IP as opposed to just localhost - run netstat -an and verify you have local address ...:80 not 127...1:80
  • make sure that you are certainly sending port 80 in the router for your PC
  • make sure that you are not firewalling from the traffic, i.e. make certain there's the best within the home windows firewall for port 80 (and 443 if you are using HTTPS), or perhaps a program exception for httpd, as well as try turning from the firewall temporarily although debugging this
  • discover in case your Web service provider is obstructing this - some will not allow you to run web servers out of your home connection why not consider a different web port to ascertain if that can help?
  • try hooking up from another machine - there might be some proxy configuration that's upsetting looping back to your computer