I am in times where I have to auto-auth customers between an ASP.Internet website and WordPress. The concept is once you are drenched in to the ASP.Internet website and when you see the Wordpress pages your drenched in automagically and the other way around.

In ASP.Internet I'm able to auth customers against Wordpress database but that is all I'm able to think about, so now you ask ,.

-How you can enable this by-directional authentication plan?


Send snacks from PHP by SetCookie() method, then read snacks from ASP.Internet by reading through snacks collection(because the title from the cookie changes). then Decode url.. (in ASP.Internet you wil get encoded url. special caharacters are changed by(#-->%23 , @--->%40 etc..)

You will find two different server side scripts which is difficult to create by-directional authentication. Since Wordpress uses cookies, you could try to authenticate customers against snacks. developing a mechanism that see if there's valid Wordpress snacks in customers machine after which read from snacks to authenticate customers.

I'd an identical problem, where I'd an ASP.internet application (3rd party) along with a PHP application (built-in-house). I've modified the ASP.internet application with only a couple of lines of code, to ensure that it labored such as this:

  1. User logs towards the ASP.internet application
  2. The ASP.internet application sets a session cookie (this really is automatic)
  3. Modification: the ASP.internet adds a row towards the database using the session ID (which is incorporated in the cookie) and also the username
  4. The PHP application reads the ASP.internet session cookie and will get the session ID
  5. The PHP application searches the DB for that session ID and when it's found, it instantly affiliates the session using the username found

I additionally added an expiry time for that periods, to reduce impersonation possibilies...