This is much like a question posted last September, however i haven't run into any working solutions for this (and am not experienced well-enough in session snacks to get it done myself). If I am getting the consumer authenticate in WordPress, how do you read that session cookie with MediaWiki so that the consumer then has permission to edit the wiki? Let me have WordPress handle all the user data, therefore the login would always happen within WordPress.

Some a late answer, which is probably not an ideal solution you are searching for, but I have used AuthWordpress.php within the last 9 several weeks approximately with no issues. While Wordpress login periods aren't endured when visiting the Wiki, Wordpress customers are authenticated correctly when signing in in the MediaWiki finish. Which means you just login towards the wiki together with your Wordpress qualifications.

Appears like the easiest method to understand this is here now: And merely stick to the directions within the comment at the very top.

Hope that can help!