I'm developing a blog for many people that will be placing posts on their own site within 5 different custom posts which i have produced.

As a few of the groups require customers to bullet point the publish data (therefore creating ul>li ) so make sure it is styled properly if this seems on the website.

To make certain the editors from the site input data in to the publish admin area properly if only either to.

  1. Display a image lower the best hands side from the new / edit publish screen that has instructions regarding how to produce the custom publish.

and / or

  1. Have watermarked input forms (like where it sats "place title here") to provide a example how the information ought to be displayed.

I'm while using wordpress plugin more fields to show my input fields. it has the choice to place HTML and I've had mixed success with placing images and code during these because it appears sporadic whether it works or otherwise!

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.