I must display one image at any given time on the web page. I made use of a question to obtain a group of images in the database into an assortment. I've attempted along wrinkles:

$my=& JFactory::getUser();
$db=& JFactory::getDBO();
$a=& $my->id;
$query="SELECT id FROM jos_phocagallery_categories WHERE accessuserid='$a'";
$queryc="SELECT filename FROM jos_phocagallery WHERE catid='$r'";
echo 'imgag srx="images/phocagallery/'.$image.'" />';

I transformed echo line above since the line wasn't permitted

Following this code I have attempted to include a port button that calls "next($results)" after which replace $image, however it appears the entire totally beeing implemented right from the start again. And So I can't obtain the pointer from the array to advance. Not really within an echo.

What Shall We Be Held doing wrong?

Regards / Viktor

If you're reloading the page to get at the following image, then you will have to pass the ID or array key to another page therefore it knows in which you left off. Another option is to step with the array without reloading the page, rather with a couple Javascript to load the following image and replace the present one once the button is clicked on.


Ok, with this info you'll certainly want to use some Javascript to really make it work. Despite the fact that Joomla includes Mootools, I favor jQuery partly because of the supply of plug ins to complete a variety of stuff. I did not look way too hard, but this slide carousel image wordpress plugin is quite easily modified to complete that which you like simply by altering it to show one image at any given time rather than three.


After some Searching you may even have the ability to locate an exact match.