I've this little bit of code:

<?php $fields = get_acf(); echo $fields->event_address; ?>

This results a previous address from the text area box in Wordpress. For the reason that box I have written the address such as this:

Address line 1,

Address line 2,

Address line 3

Using the variable at the very top it results all of the information on one line (it does not recognise the address has ended 3 lines), can you really make a move clever to have it to show over 3 lines.

I understand I possibly could very easily increase the fields to Wordpress to exhibit the three lines but I would like something a little more neat than that!

You could attempt fixing this with pure css:

p {

The paragraph reacts such as the <pre> tag later on, breaking aesthetically at line-breaks.

I believe you might need nl2br()

Utilize it like so echo nl2br($fields->event_address);

Inside your text box should you just take away the lines between your addresses so that they seem like so


Which should get it done...