I understand there's this Wordpress Touch that may instantly re-size the web page to suit apple iphone size. But what I wish to do is to buy the items in the website, not the entire site, and display it on apple iphone.

I get this content from wordpress database, the wordpress_posts table, publish_content column, and obtain this content. But however ,, this content from wordpress database, range from the width and height, and a few of the width exceed apple iphone resolution. This is actually the sample code from wordpress content:

... bla bla
<table width="980px" ...>

Even just in my UIWebView i set the dimensions to 300px width, this content is going to be chopped off. Can there be any deal with way additional problem?


I'm able to only access the database, cant access the wordpress (php files)

Think about using CSS Media queries. After that you can set certain device dimensions to show or otherwise display some content. CSS Tricks: Media Queries

This is regarded as a far greater solution since it will help you to just conserve a single site, instead of multiple code bases.

I believe that you could overwrite your table width property via CSS rule:

table {
    width:300px !important;