I have got your blog along with a website, the 2 are seperate things altogether, for instance I've

world wide web.domainname.com because the primary site, and also the blog could be at,

world wide web.domainname.com/blog/, it is a wordpress blog, however I'm not going people searching in the WordPress frontend, so I must write a php function that will pull the posts from WordPress to some seperate page around the primary site.

The function i have got to date is the following:

<div id="blogPosts">
    $posts = get_posts('numberposts=10&order=DESC&orderby=post_title');
    foreach ($posts as $post) : start_wp();
    <h4 class="blogDate"> <? the_date(); ?> </h4>
    <hr />
    <h5 class="blogTitle"> <? the_title(); ?> </h5>
    <p class="blogText"> <? the_excerpt() ?> </p>
    <br />

It'll display the page fine, but it is not posting the posts the page whatsoever, any ideas why it will not work?

first, put this before u include wordpress-blog-header.php

define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);

and i believe you're searching wordpress_query not get_posts, if you wish to make use of the loop functions

$the_query = new WP_Query( $args );

while ( $the_query->have_posts() ) : $the_query->the_post();

Just from the quick search I observe that use of get_posts( $args ) needs $args to become an assortment with one of these optional values

$args = array(
'numberposts'     => 5,
'offset'          => 0,
'category'        => ,
'orderby'         => 'post_date',
'order'           => 'DESC',
'include'         => ,
'exclude'         => ,
'meta_key'        => ,
'meta_value'      => ,
'post_type'       => 'post',
'post_mime_type'  => ,
'post_parent'     => ,
'post_status'     => 'publish' );

Are you certain you are receiving the posts? Try dumping you once you fetched them, such as this:


Does the $posts-variable contain anything? Otherwise, you most likely will not obtain the posts, because $wpdb (the database connection class) continues to be undefined.

Next, what goes on whenever you try

<?php echo $post->post_date ?>

rather than

<? the_date(); ?>

Maybe wordpress does not understand you're in a loop and because of this the loop-functions (e.g. the_date, the_title, ...) will not work.

tell me if one of these simple things works.