I have to boost the margin-left on comments which are parents (comments which are replies). The margin left has become 46px, 58px etc.

Can there be a way to create the margin-left disqus should offset comments with?

Answer through script

Should you mean comments on comments on comments, you should use the next method, that has an offset of 46 + 12 for every parent.

    var parents = $(this).parents(".comments");
    $(this).css("marginLeft", 46 + ( parents.length * 12));

Answer through CSS

Should you got a static quantity of comments, you should use css

.comment{ margin-left: 46px; }
.comment .comment{ margin-left: 58px; }
.comment .comment .comment{ margin-left: 70px; }

Best answer

But it is easier to nest them, so that you can only use margin-left: 12px; and also the nested already moved 12px and today his margin is going to be there aswell. So moved another 12px.

Then your HTML will ook like:



And also the CSS:

ul{ margin-left: 12px; }