i wish to choose from the mysql table

title , url in the table

title could be duplicate so i want distinct title from them'

basically use sachin's code i quickly find duplicate rows just how i'm able to obtain the information where title not show again because. means no duplicate title get from table in mysql

FROM    mytable


SELECT  b.title, b.url
FROM    (
        SELECT  DISTINCT title
        FROM    blah
        WHERE   cID = 1856
        ) bd
JOIN    blah b
ON      b.id = 
        SELECT  bi.id
        FROM    blah bi
        WHERE   bi.cID = 1856
                AND bi.title = bd.title
        ORDER BY
                cid, title, url, id
        LIMIT 1

Create a catalog on (cid, title, url, id) with this to operate fast.

SELECT distinct a.title, a_url FROM blah WHERE a.cID = 1856 

this is actually the sollution

Choose * FROM blah WHERE info.cID = 1856 GROUP BY title