I've been an android developer till in regards to a week when I shifter to "web application" development. Now after i request people ways to get began for the similar purpose I recieve the typical answer of studying js, HTML5, CSS, Ajax etc... And So I strated out and that i was pretty happy for a while learning something totally new and becoming accustomed to the thought of focusing on web design. So far it absolutely was all theory beside me exexuting my js on w3Schools, however I must start use a small amount of web database integration exercises. Issue is I appear to become confused between the thought of web design and web database integration!

Here are most likely the dumbest inquiries to a number of you pros available, but I think you'll take a while to describe the main difference to someone much like me! :)

Q1. Have I been cracking my mind around the wrong subjects to begin with for web database integration?

Q2. What's the distinction between web programs and website?

Q3. Just what did I have to begin with to obtain ready for web database integration?

Q4. What will be a good IDE (basically require one) to begin use? (I've done android so eclipse wordpress plugin continues to be greatly benifitial during my learning phases)

I really hope I've covered all of the right questions right here. I'm brand-new for this and i'm given short amount of time and choice to prepare so that as an intern you have to adapt extremely fast to whatever atmosphere you're dropped into, so I think you'll can point me within the direction where hopefully there's a quick-track to learning "web database integrationInch :)


I'll bite-)

Your confusion is really justified. In my opinion the main difference from a web-application and an internet site is a much more of degree than of definition.

If your web site provides interaction beyond clicking links and filling forms and offers something for that user i quickly would say it's a web-application and never an internet page. There's most likely also the idea of taking user data and adjusting it in certain form.

During my own work I develop internet based simulators for ancient computer systems. HTML / CSS give a flexible presentation layer and JavaScript offers the core simulation and user interaction implementations. I'd say they are web-applications and never web-pages-others may disagree.

You will find lots of server side technologies/platforms will develop advanced web programs, like ASP.Internet, J2EE, PHP, etc. But no matter that which you use here, it's "put together" to some HTML page before delivered to the customer, which could contain pretty much from the different internet technologies you have analyzed. And you will always code directly in HTML, js, css etc. in perfect harmony using the server-side components.

Solutions for your question list:

  • Q1: Regardless of what server side technology you utilize, it is usually helpful to possess good understanding from the technologies you've already analyzed.
  • Q2: It's no obvious difference. It's mainly the amount of complexity. A website with complex functionality is Web application, along with a pretty much static informative website is website.
  • Q3: You began within the right finish. You should comprehend the concepts of HTML, CSS and javascript when developing for that web.
  • Q4: I do not fully realize android and eclipse, so I'm not sure which IDE will be the good for you. Others would most likely answer this better.