I am presently learning Java EE, or even more particularly, Servlets and .jsp. During my programming, I already employ the Model-View-Controller model to create my code. And so far as I have researched, Apache Struts is simply a server like Tomcat. So, what is Apache Struts, with regards to Java, Java EE, and Servlet classes in Java EE?

Struts isn't another server. Its a credit card applicatoin framework. It's built on the top of JSP and Servlet architecture. So it's an abstraction from the servlet atmosphere.

Utilizing a framework like struts has some advantages for example: many common options that come with programs are pre built so it's not necessary to do them yourself. Features for example validation. Additionally, it can make you work based on some best practicve philosophy, within this situation MVC.

Underneath the covers struts implement a couple of servlets to complete the job. The developer don't have to write servlets. You are able to concentrate on business logic rather.

Struts is really a library to make web programs it's not alone a server. It takes a JSP/Servlet container to be able to work (for example Tomcat). Begin to see the Struts technology primer.

JEE is really a specs which includes a quantity of technologies. Tomcat isn't a JEE server because it doesn't incorporate each one of these technologies, but continues to be included in a JEE server, supplying the net tier.

basic architecture JEE diagram


Apache Struts is definitely an open-source web application framework for developing Java EE web programs. It uses and stretches the Java Servlet API to encourage designers to consider a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.