What are the differences from a Database along with a Schema in SQL Server? Both of them are the containers of tables and data.

If your Schema is erased, then are the tables contained for the reason that schema also erased instantly or they're erased once the Database is erased?

A database may be the primary container, it consists of the information and log files, and all sorts of the schemas there. You usually support a database, it's a discrete unit by itself.

Schemas are just like folders inside a database, and therefore are mainly accustomed to group logical objects together, which results in easy setting permissions by schema.

EDIT for further question

drop schema test1

Monosodium glutamate 3729, Level 16, Condition 1, Line 1
Cannot drop schema 'test1' since it is being recommended by object 'copyme'.

You can't drop a schema when it's being used. You need to first remove all objects in the schema.

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Schema is really a method of categorising the objects inside a database. It may be helpfull for those who have several programs share just one database even though there's some common group of data that application accesses.

Database is much like container of information with schema, and schemas is layout from the tables there data types, relations and stuff

Schema states what tables have been in database, what posts they've and just how they're related. Each database features its own schema.

Schema in SQL Server is definitely an object that conceptually holds definitions for other database objects for example tables,sights,saved methods etc.

no shema= no table, so db container is going to be empty