I am very new in database design and merely explore the field of relational database. Just look at this article http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/databases/sql-for-beginners-part-3-database-relationships/ It is a nice reading through however i just can barely touch the floor.

What still confusing me is exactly what the gap between someone to many and several to 1 relationship? It is simply the 'vice-versa' type of?

Very appreciate if a person can explain the main difference in a nutshell and sweet answer or you can provide a number of good find out about this subject? (I have google many occasions however i aren't able to find any 'good-and-easy-to-understand' tutorial relating to this subject.)

Thank you for help!

from http://www.sum-it.nl/cursus/dbdesign/english/intro030.php3

Most relations between tables are one-to-many.


* One area can be the habitat of many readers.
* One reader can have many subscriptions.
* One newspaper can have many subscriptions.

A Many to 1 relation is equivalent to one-to-many, but from the different point of view.

* Many readers live in one area.
* Many subscriptions can be of one and the same reader.
* Many subscriptions are for one and the same newspaper.

Yes, it smoking versa. It is dependent which side from the relationship the entity exists on.

For instance, if a person department can employ for many employees then, department to worker is a to a lot of (1 department utilizes many employees), while worker to department relationship is many to 1 (many employees operate in one department).

More information around the relationship types: Database Relationships - IBM DB2 docuemntation

There's no difference. It's only a matter of language and preference regarding which way round you condition the connection.