i've got a website and among the subfolders is /thanks.

Therefore the complete uri for that (one) page could be


Now after i type

/thanks/ i recieve a 200 return status also it accumulates the (default) page index.php

however, after i type /thanks i recieve a 301 redirect to /thanks/

<address>Apache/2.2.8 (Linux/SUSE) Server at www.mydomain.net Port 80</address>

As the bahaviour is correct, i'd like the /thanks also to serve the /thanks/ folder directly, with no 301.

Is the fact that possible?

incidentally, it appears like apache is producing the 301 'automaticly', i question: what page or source is really known as whenever you call /thanks instead of /thanks/

This behavior is as simple as design, cause url "/thanks" should really make reference to the file. Only for your benefit an internet-server inspections whether such file is available, otherwise then whether such directory is available, and when it's, it redirects the request towards the correct destination "/thanks/".

It's really a best practice to enforce/use trailing slash whenever we can, it's a canonical form, it cuts down on load on the internet server (parsing one HTTP request rather than two - original and redirect), and enhances your seo.

For how you can fix this, the wonder if it requires fixing continues to be standing. Should you fix this through say URL rewrite, your customers could keep while using incorrect/bad-for-your-Search engine optimization URL. Should you fix all of the links at the site to make use of correct form and rehearse the default fix plan - redirect - then your redirect would always redirect your customers towards the correct URL, and customers is going to be while using correct version automatically foreverafter (a minimum of, within this session).

Well the issue you face is that you may finish up delivering multiple addresses for the similar page...


When individuals link back aimed at your website and search engines like google crawl your website, the "kudos" that goes to


Is going to be divided between your three addresses as well as your page could finish up much further lower within the search engine results than would certainly be.

By enforcing the trailing slash, you remove one possibility for problems.

Therefore, I totally recommend adhering using the convention of "enforcing" the trailing the slash.


Since Apache 2, you can power it down if you do not such as the trailing slash redirection. However, please read everything carefully, make certain you need to do know your work (which isn't a recommend factor to complete)