I've looked a great deal concerning the distinction between Website and WebApplication but did not obtain a obvious cut answer.

Even I'm more confused after reading through about this.

From Wikipedia:

  • WebApplication

    In software engineering, an internet application is definitely an application that's utilized using a internet browser on the network like the Internet or perhaps an intranet. The word could also mean a pc software program that's located inside a browser-controlled atmosphere (e.g. a Java applet)[citation needed] or created in a browser-supported language (for example JavaScript, coupled with a browser-made markup language like HTML) and just a few a typical internet browser to render the applying executable.

  • Website

    An internet site (also typed Site[1]) is an accumulation of related webpages, images, videos or any other digital assets which are addressed in accordance with a typical Uniform Resource Locator (URL), frequently composed of just the domain title, or even the Ip, and also the root path ('/') within an Ip Address-based network. An internet site is located on a minumum of one web server, accessible using a network like the Internet or perhaps a private lan.

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An internet application may have some dynamic logic behind it (i.e. make a move). Normally it might possess a database plus some server side programming language to energy it.

An internet site could be completely static - for instance only a bunch html pages linked together.

An internet site may be an accumulation of web programs and static pages.


If you're speaking concerning the distinction between visual studio web application projects and site projects, read this article and this one.

Web application projects possess a project file and may be put together to some single binary (plus .aspx pages and static content).

Websites is much more about content, web application much more about functionality.

Website is really a location and you'll discover "content". A Webapplication is really a service that provides methods of customers to have interaction using the server to obtain particular content.

Webapplications reside at some website. One website can host multiple webapplications, together with other (static) content.

If you're mentioning to Microsoft SharePoint, then your difference is the fact that an internet application consists of an accumulation of Sites, each site being an accumulation of webs.

Hence, an internet application is, for example, http://yourserver. You can now define sites for example http://yourserver/ (root), then additional sites at http://yourserver/sites/<something> like http://yourserver/sites/team1, http://yourserver/sites/documentsite2 etc.

An internet is something such as a website, but it's situated "under" a specific site. So, an internet could be situated at http://yourserver/sites/team1/meetingweb for example.