After establishing a django site and running around the dev server, I've finally become around to determining implementing it inside a production atmosphere while using suggested mod_wsgi/apache22. I'm presently restricted to implementing this on the Home windows XP machine.

My issue is that several django sights I've written make use of the python subprocess module to operate programs around the filesystem. I keep getting errors when running the subprocess.Popen I've come across several SO questions which have requested relating to this, and also the recognized answer is by using WSGIDaemonProcess to handle problem (because of permissions from the apache user, In my opinion).

The only issue with this particular is the fact that WSGIDaemonProcess isn't readily available for mod_wsgi on Home windows. Can there be in whatever way will be able to use mod_wsgi/apache/home windows/subprocess together?

It's not recommended to spread out subprocesses from inside mod_wsgi, anyway.

An alternate (along with a common one) is by using mod_proxy around the apache side and forward demands from apache to some WSGI server running Django. It has the benefit of moving the python thread(s) from apache's storage You will find a large number of choices for wsgi servers tornado and gunicorn are two popular options, and gunicorn combines* with Django.

*by integrate I simply mean it possesses a command should you combine it with INSTALLED_Applications.