I set up my development server by doing this:

Ubuntu, Apache, mod_wsgi, Python 2.6

Sometimes around the server from another computer attached to it.

The majority of the occasions the alterations don't modify the application unless of course I restart Apache. In some instances the alterations work without restarting the webserver, but after let us say three or four page loads the applying might become previously behave before the alterations.

So far I simply reloaded each time apache when i possess the development server here beside me, but HELL before long got so annoying. How do i avoid this?

I can not use the expansion server when i need an atmosphere that's as near as you possibly can because the production one.


My suggestion is you run the applying in daemon mode. By doing this you will not be needed to restart apache, just touch my_handler.wsgi and also the daemon knows to restart the application. The apache httpd won't be only yours (being produced) so it's fair to not restart it on every update.

No changes need you to RESTART. You just need to reload using "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload". Which i've aliased during my bashrc to 'a2reload'.

function a2reload (){
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

Apache loads Django atmosphere when beginning and running it even if source is transformed.

It is best to to make use of Django 'runserver' (which instantly restarts on changes) in heavy development periods, unless of course you'll need some Apache-specific features (for example multi-thread).

Note additionally that alterations in templates don't require the restart from the web server.