I've got a model Coupon, along with a model Photo having a ForeignKey into it:

class Photo(models.Model):

    coupon = models.ForeignKey(Coupon,


    title = models.CharField(max_length=100)

    image = models.ImageField(upload_to='images')

I setup inlines within the admin now I am in a position to add photos to some coupon in the admin.

I aim to include one, and upload is effective, however I recieve Django's debug page with this particular error:

IntegrityError at /admin/coupon/coupon/321/

(1452, 'Cannot add or update a young child row: an overseas key constraint fails (`my_project`.`coupon_photo`, CONSTRAINT `coupon_id_refs_id_90d7f06` FOREIGN KEY (`coupon_id`) REFERENCES `coupon_coupon` (`id`))')

What's this and just how can one solve this issue?

(Whether it matters, this can be a MySQL database.)

EDIT: I attempted it with an Sqlite3 database which has a slightly different dataset, also it labored, so possibly there's loose data during my current DB? How do i think it is and remove it?

A number of my tables were in InnoDB plus some were in MyISAM... I transformed everything to MyISAM and also the problem was solved.

To avert this happening what you could also do is placed your STORAGE_ENGINE inside your configurations.py

for django >= 1.2


for django <= 1.2


Please be aware this really is only valid for MySQL