I get the next error on my small website:

Error importing openid store django_authopenid.openid_store: "No ElementTree library found. You may need to install one. Tried importing ['lxml.etree', 'xml.etree.cElementTree', 'xml.etree.ElementTree', 'cElementTree', 'elementtree.ElementTree']"

i've said all of the django openid code and all sorts of the imports, still its giving the mistake.

after i run the project in django development server by doing:

python manage.py runserver

it really works fine. however in apache its giving the the above mentioned error. i've even installed all of the needed packages and checked by running import and also the module title, within the python spend around the server, its posting fine, still its giving the mistake. help

that one is bound, there is an url within the web addresses.py file and that i said might now things are working fine.