can there be somebody who has expirience in hosting django programs on

Waht would be the pros/cons onto it?

I am presently using, I am still in development with my application however i come with an application used and running.

If you use something such as this you decide to go involved with it understanding that it is not the perfect solution for each situation. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks before hands can help set your anticipation to ensure that you are not disappointed afterwards. continues to be very youthful but still in beta, and is not open to everyone. To become totally fair for them, it's still a piece happening and a few of these benefits and drawbacks may change because they unveil additional features. I'll try to return increase this publish because the new versions become available, and my knowledge about the service continues.

To date I'm really happy with what they've, they required probably the most annoying a part of developing a credit card applicatoin and managed to get better. For those who have an easy blog application, it ought to be very simple to deploy it, and most likely not cost much to host.


  • Server Management: It's not necessary to be worried about your server setup whatsoever, it handles everything for you personally. Having a VPS, you will have to be worried about ensuring the server is current with security patches, and all sorts of that fun stuff, with this particular, you do not be worried about anything, they take proper care of everything for you personally.
  • deployment: Celebrate implementing an application and getting it ready to go really rapidly. implementing a brand new version of the application is simple, I simply need to run one maybe two instructions, also it handles everything for me personally.
  • Prices: you're only billed for which you utilize, if you possess a low traffic website, may possibly not set you back anything whatsoever.
  • Scaling: They handle scaling and load balancing for you personally as they are, no requirement for you to bother with that. You'll still have to write the application to ensure that it may scale effectively, but when you need to do, they'll handle the relaxation.
  • Background tasks: They've support for cronjobs in addition to background employees using celery.
  • Customer care: I'd a couple of questions, sent them a contact, coupled with a solution really fast, they've been great, a lot better i quickly might have expected. Should you run your personal VPS, you actually do not have anybody to speak to, making this a significant plus.


  • DB access: You do not have immediate access towards the database, you will get towards the psql spend, however, you can't connect an exterior client gui. This will make doing somethings a bit more difficult or slow. However, you can continue to make use of the django admin or fittings to perform a many things.
  • Limited services available: It presently only supports Postgresql and redis, so if you wish to use MySQL, memcached, mongodb,etc you're at a complete loss.
  • low-level c libs: You cannot install any dependencies you want, much like google application engine, they've a few of the common c libs installed already, and when you would like different things that is not already installed you will have to contact them to have it added. http://world wide
  • email: You cannot send or recieve email, meaning you will have to rely on a third party for your, that is most likely sound practice anyway, however it means more income.
  • file system: You've got a more limited file system open to you, and due to the distributed character from the system you will have to be cautious when working from files. You cannot (unless of course i skipped it) connect for your requirements via (s)ftp to upload files, you will have to connect through the command line tool and only do an rsync or perhaps a push of the repo to obtain files available online for.

Update: for more information see my blog publish on my small encounters with : http://kencochrane.internet/blog/2011/04/my-encounters-with-epio/