I've developed an application using Django 1.1.1 and python 2.7.1. I wish to publish it on the commercial website, although not sure which. the application works fine around the apache server running on my small local machine, however, before trading on the host, I would like to be certain which i possess the necessary needs, therefore if it matters, do you know the possible hosts I'm able to use? I personally use Apache 2.2 with python 2.7.1 on my small local machine running with Django 1.1.1. I personally use the Home windows OS. I attempted searching at linode however they do not have a documentation for Home windows customers in making use of Django and mod_wsgi, the same is true it even matter?

This is actually the very first time I attempt to write on the commercial site, so I'd rather not invest on the host after which find myself stuck and never understanding how to upload my Django application.


You are able to stick to the paperwork on linode all right, it does not matter that you are a Home windows user, the application is going to be used on the linux box.

You may also consider using a hosting that is shared solution, which will run django proper way, with no have to configure and setup a brand new machine. My own recommendation is http://www.webfaction.com/ . Another alternative is https://www.djangy.com/.