I am trying to setup Review Board, which utilizes Django, on WinXP with Apache 2.2 and mod-python.

I've got a default Python install, but I wish to make use of a different instance. The default is c:/python25, however i want d:/xxx/python25. mod-python includes a config choice to alter the path, but I'd rather not need to recompile mod_python (because the code is within VCS and may be placed anywhere). How do i fix this?

Presently I am attempting to alter the atmosphere path using SetEnv within the Apache conf file, e.g.

SetEnv PATH "d:/xxx/python25;PATH"
LoadModule python_module modules/mod_python.so

I.e. setting the atmosphere variable before mod-python is loaded because this is where it finds the Python interpretter.

This does not appear to operate. May be the syntax wrong? Can there be another solution?


If you are on home windows, it is possible it's referencing the registry for that path. Try searching within the registry under:


Particularly, the subkeys, InstallPath, Modules, and PythonPath.