I am trying to puzzle out the easiest method to translate actual database values (strings, not date formats or anything complicated) when i18n-ing my application. Probably the most logical factor I possibly could develop is either hold a column for each language ('description_en', 'description_de', 'description_fr', etc) or possess a different db for each language (schema_en, schema_fr, schema_p, ...). Are these the very best options, or perhaps is there another thing I am missing? thanks.

You can have a look in the following thread which appears to become exactly the same question you are asking here.

I would not mind hearing the answer you eventually is going to be using as sometime later on I might have a similar question:)

I had been reading through on my django extensions, and located the django-modeltranslation wordpress plugin. It appears to complete exactly what you would like it to complete. Otherwise, leave a comment and I'll remove this answer :)