My mercurial repository works properly in trac after i make use of the tracd server.

However, after i use apache, I recieve the next warning towards the top of all trac pages:

Warning: Can't synchronize with repository "(default)" (Unsupported version control system "hg": DLL load unsuccessful: The required module couldn't be located.). Try looking in the Trac log for more details.

The trac log does not have anything helpful except an alert about mercurial being put together with Python 2.6.2 and also the actual version of Python running being 2.6.4.

Does anybody have ideas regarding how to solve this?


Apache is running on the Home windows XP (32-bit) machine for testing. I've admin privileges, however i believe that apache is running as Local User.

I have a similar problem. There's not a problem in mercurial package version 1.7.1. The error seems in greater versions, as much as 1.8.

I went right into a similar error when establishing hgweb (no trac). Hopefully this can help you and also other people doing exactly the same factor and finding this via Google.

I reduced the problem using the python library mercurial installer rather than the standard home windows msi (or tortoisehg) installer ("Mercurial-1.8.1 (32-bit py2.6)" from and making certain the mercurial libs import line in hgweb.cgi is said out.