I've produce a Light based service on the hosting that is shared provider. It's now grown and I wish to move it on AWS EC2. I've already ported the code and also the data, setup ESB for that persistent content, setup an AMI image that boots up fine and it has examined the answer on EC2.

I would like now to redirect my DNS towards the EC2 instance(s) IP. I've requested my hosting that is shared provider whether they can redirect the TLD record (domain.com) for this IP, however they say they are able to only redirect securely a subdomain (like world wide web.domain.com) since the cPanel breaks when the TLD is rerouted. I am unsure I stick to the problem particulars, however it appears like I must rent a DNS solution.

What options have i got? I believe DynDNS.com is a solution (or perhaps a similar service), what else? Or, among commercial DNS services, what exactly are good options when it comes to reliability, service quality, quality of support etc?

Appears you have one feet around the ship as well as on one the shoreline! But the good thing is you are almost there!

I would recommend departing your shared host. If they're not able to aid you with your a request, it is a good sign you've outgrown the service. You will find a couple of options that you should consider.

To begin with, when moving website hosting from shared to AWS, you should also consider what related to the DNS, email and cPanel services. I personally use AWS for website hosting, but separate companies for DNS and email. I do not use cPanel - I simply configure DNS and also the web server by hand. This prevents things easier plus much more flexible, and also the only expense is a little of your time to configure DNS individually. cPanel, Plesk and other alike systems add lots of unnecessary complexity into Apache and that i find this will cause problems later.

Though, if you wish to keep cPanel, you may consider setting up it as well as other web-based management system on AWS. (I'd wager you'd look for a prebuilt AMI with this should you browse around.)

I am unsure about managing a DNS server on AWS, but It could be much simpler and much more reliable to utilize a DNS service.

EasyDNS.com with no-IP.com are generally great DNS hosts - I have used No-IP for my enterprise AWS website hosting for more than 24 months. (It's particularly good simply because they offer monitoring, and automatic and manual DNS failover just in case there is a problem. But, that might be a lot more than you'll need.) I have used EasyDNS for four to five years. Both services have solid support and therefore are very reliable.

If you would like something free, MyDomain.com continues to be very reliable for me personally for nearly ten years, but support is extremely slow. MyDomain will host your DNS free of charge even when you did not register the domain together.

One further consideration additionally to those: Amazon . com also provides Elastic Insolvency practitioners, that is essentially a static IP for the web server instance. Using this makes your DNS easier, provide you with versatility to simply change to an alternative instance later on, should you ever have to. I highly recommend utilizing an Elastic IP.

I have used EasyDNS, their DNS rates are reasonable and try to been fast to assist.

https://dns.he.internet/ - free for approximately 50 domain names. Supports IPv6 AAAA records, custom TTL and it has convenient management interface.