I'm wanting to create a site where customers will receive a subdomain for example.. user.website.com However I must provide a service like Tumblr where they are able to obtain a domain from the host, say GoDaddy, and hang their An Archive to my server's IP and rather than when someone would go to user.website.com it is going to whatever domain they've pointing to my IP.. Can anybody please refer me for an article that informs how you can do this type of factor.. or produce top tips..


What you'll do is setup a wildcard DNS record for the domain and out of your httpd virtual host, you'll have to configure the servername while using input from the user for his or her preferred title (you'll also find to become experienced in .htaccess manipulation to achieve that -- sorry, I'm not so acquainted with it too and so i cannot present an advice regarding that aspect.).

You might like to understand this blog publish for additional info on what it is roughly done http://ma.tt/2003/10/wildcard-dns-and-sub-domain names/

Hope this can help. Ismael Casimpan :)