When we develop application which has access database inside it dose it must have other factor placed on client machine with us dot internet frame work?

Can there be every other databse simple to use might be small which doesn't need additional install than us dot internet framework

You could utilize VistaDB. I'm utilizing it effectively in a number of projects.

It takes only .Internet Framework 2. or greater and something single DLL that's easily XCOPY deployable with no registration/installation.

The performance is sort of reduced than e.g. Microsoft Access (which requires Jet) however for my reasons it had been always beneficial enough.

Another candidate could be Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition (CE). This is a database that needs no installation or registration, you simply ship some additional DLLs together with your application.

That is dependent on which database you're using. If you are using MS SQL, you should use the machine.Information.SqlClient. If you work with Oracle, you may want to use 3rd party .Internet library.

Access works, you will not have to install any separate software, the .Internet framework has data companies for Access, you should use the ODBC provider.

The suggested solution from Microsoft for embedded databases, however, is SQL CE -- take a look, you are able to embed it inside your solution and also have your app's installer configure it (no separate installation). Additionally, it has the advantage of being free.

EDIT: As noted below by @Joe, no license is required to use Access however, it's a file-based database, and isn't as reliable as SQL CE.

These guys SQLite... just one .dll drop-in and combines with .Internet via simlar

using System.Data.SQLite; 

using System.Data.OleDB;  

using System.Data.SQL;

using System.Data.ODBC;

have similar signatures for creating connections, creating SQLCommand objects, Parameterizations, execution, etc... After I was doing testing between different platforms, I discovered SQLite database and Visual Foxpro database faster than Access. When in comparison to VistaDB (just replicating inhabiting large dataset of 100k records), it almost clogged on me.